XTRA Lease News

  • Leasing Trailers Frees Capital for Fuel Change

    Leasing trailers can free up capital. So instead of buying new trailers, Sheehy is leasing brand-new, aerodynamic dry vans. This enables them to speed up the process of renewing their power units.
  • Nuisance Fees: Fair Treatment When You Turn in A Trailer?

    Sometimes bills for damage can seem like a thinly veiled attempt to squeeze a few more cents out of a customer. Does your equipment provider do a thorough outbound inspection? Have a no-nuisance-fees policy? Find out before you rent or lease!
  • XTRA Lease dry van in foreground against blue sky with cumulocirrus clouds with edge to edge row of XTRA Lease dry vans in background

    Rent Fewer Trailers

    Yep, we said it. Rent fewer trailers. We’re big fans of effective spending. It drives cost out of the supply chain, which makes everybody, from manufacturer to consumer, happy. While it’s clear that renting fewer trailers means you’ll spend less on rentals, how can renting fewer trailers make you more efficient?
  • 2020 Model dry van interior view

    Specs That Reduce Maintenance Headaches

    Specs that reduce maintenance make your trailers damage-resistant and help them endure the rough-and-tumble of over-the-road work. Poorly spec’d trailers can wreak havoc in a fleet.
  • Man in mirrored sunglasses holding two cases of bottled water perched on each shoulder, standing in front of XTRA Lease flatbed trailer

    Staying Safe When the Weather's Hot

    Working and playing in the heat can sometimes lead to overheating and heat illnesses. Here are some ways to recognize and prevent them.
  • Driver returning an XTRA Lease trailer and talking to XTRA Lease Ops Manager

    The #1 Way to Return Rental Trailers Fast

    Even under the watch of the most experienced fleet managers, trailers go missing from time to time. When a trailer’s unhooked and has no telematics of its own, it’s vulnerable to “unauthorized interchange.” And when that happens, it costs you.
  • The Modern Trailer Rental

    What does a trailer rental look like today? We've made a huge investment in technology to deliver a better experience for you and your drivers.
  • Cost of Running Spring Ride_Hero

    The Real Cost of Running Spring-Rides and Air-Rides

    What’s the difference in repair cost between spring-rides and air-rides? A growing freight carrier out of Tucson, Diamondback Systems, gathered some numbers and came to some conclusions that surprised them. Here’s their real-life example.
  • What New Trailers Do for Your Bottom Line

    They can cost less, be more efficient, help you retain drivers, and more, no matter your length of haul. Here's how.
  • Why Spring-Ride?

    Here are a few things you may not know about trailer suspensions. The type of suspension on your semi-trailer has an impact on your bottom line. It can affect the safety of your shipments, your fleet utilization, your driver’s job satisfaction and the long-term profitability of your business.
  • Spend 20 to Save 40_Hero

    Would You Spend $20 to Save $40?

    Sure, trailer technology—in the forms of trailer telematics and equipment specs—may cost a bit more, but they also can help you do more with less. When you account for fuel savings and a harder-working trailer that’s designed to stay on the road and out of the shop, you have a clear path to higher efficiency and profit.