Cargo Sensors

Cargo sensors are FREE on XTRA Lease trailers. Every XTRA Lease dry van, model year 2019 and newer, comes equipped with a cargo sensor so you'll know if your trailer is loaded or unloaded. Just log in to your account and view your trailer tracking dashboard to see the cargo status of your rented or leased trailers.


Advantages of Cargo Sensors

Knowing your dry van’s cargo status can boost your fleet management efficiency in many ways:

  • Save time for your drivers. Don't waste their time by having them search for trailers to pick up. Keep 'em moving!
  • Find empty trailers quickly. See how many trailers are loitering empty in your customer's yard and how long they've been there.
  • Improve turn time at the dock.
  • Manage your trailer's detention based on cargo status and times. Get valuable data you can use to report to your customers.
Add Trailers equipped with Cargo Sensors
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