Used Trailers for Sale

You may know XTRA Lease as a leading provider of semi-trailer rentals and leases. But we also have a large selection of used trailers for sale!

You can get great deals on the best used trailers on the market.

When you buy used trailers from XTRA Lease, you're adding quality to your fleet at an affordable price. Get durable, reliable equipment with an XTRA Lease used semi trailer.


Quality, Reliable Used Trailers

Low mileage

These used trailers come from our rental fleet, so they typically have lower mileage than same-vintage trailers from other companies.

Rigorously maintained

Inspect these trailers yourself to see how they meet the rigorous maintenance standards applied consistently throughout our nationwide network.

Spec'd tough

Our used trailers are spec’d to remain low-maintenance, damage-resistant and loader-friendly throughout their lives.


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Used Trailer Models for Sale

Choose from a wide selection of well-maintained used trailers for sale:


Storage Trailers

  • Model years 2007 and prior
  • Well-maintained trailers that come from the XTRA Lease fleet.
  • Safe, clean, dry warehouses on wheels for less than the cost of warehouse space.
  • Durable hardwood floors and aluminum roofs for a clean, dry storage environment.
  • Sizes from 28’ to 53’ long with 100” of inside cargo space.
  • Flexibility and convenience. They’re easy to load and unload. Park and move them where you need them.

Used Reefers

  • Model years 2014 and prior
  • 48’-53’ lengths
  • Swing door or roll door
  • Some liftgates available
  • Spring-ride or air-ride suspension
  • Low engine hours

Used Flatbeds

  • Model years 2008 and prior
  • Straight-frame, spread-axle, expandable, single-drop, step-deck, double-drop, 50-ton lowboy
  • Air-ride and spring-ride suspension
  • Removable cargo control

Used Chassis

  • Model years 1995-2000
  • 40’ Gooseneck chassis

Used Trailers for Sale Near Me

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