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Buying vs Leasing Trailers: Where Will Your Capital Go?

Big question when you're thinking about buying vs leasing trailers: what do you want to do with your business's cash?

Sometimes it’s hard to find financing. Sometimes it’s hard to forecast cash flow. Sometimes the economy kicks you in the shins.

When those things happen, you may find it easier to lease, rather than buy, trailers.


Here are a few points to consider as you weigh buying vs leasing trailers:



Some extras aren’t extra.

And here are some cool (meaning worry-reducing, headache-preventing, really great) things you can get with a lease, packaged in your monthly rate. So factor these in when you’re thinking about buying vs leasing trailers:

  • Maintenance
  • Emergency road service with access to a network of vetted repair vendors
  • Online account management with all the account data you need on demand
  • Trailer tracking and reporting

When you lease trailers, you outsource risk and you gain flexibility that may benefit both the financial and operational sides of your business.


Note: The information provided in this article isn't intended to be legal or financial advice. Please consult a qualified professional for that kind of advice.

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