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The Real Cost of Running Spring-Rides and Air-Rides

What’s the difference in repair cost between spring-ride and air-ride suspensions?

A growing freight carrier out of Tucson, Diamondback Systems, gathered some numbers and came to some conclusions that surprised them.

Here’s their real-life example. You may want to use it as a basis for your own calculations.


After looking at the age of each trailer, its suspension type, and what it cost to repair, Diamondback concluded that for trailers that are five years old or newer, spring-ride trailers average $52.96 in repairs per month, whereas air-ride trailers average $237.78 per month.


Scott Barnett, VP of Sales and Operations at Diamondback Systems, says, “The per unit cost per mile is unreal on air-ride. The costs accelerate after five years because air-ride’s upkeep is so high.”

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