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The Modern Trailer Rental

What does a trailer rental look like today? 

At XTRA Lease, the process is as fresh as the new trailers we put in our fleet every year. It has to be. Fleets are under tremendous pressure to respond to market shifts. When it’s time to rent, you need:

  • a trailer quickly
  • to keep drivers moving
  • to stay informed


In a world where everything changes – including supply chains and shipping patterns – XTRA Lease has changed, too. We’ve made a huge investment in technology to make your interactions with us faster, easier, and more transparent.

Here’s what you get with an XTRA Lease trailer rental today.

A better experience for your drivers

Today, a trailer rental pick-up and drop-off is faster and safer for your driver. That’s never been more important. 

The industry is facing a driver shortage crisis – again. Drivers are on the front line at a time when it’s critical to keep freight moving while staying safe.

Fleets need to keep drivers at the wheel. There's little flex capacity and little ability to react to changes in the supply chain or new business.

So we’ve made big changes to get your driver in and out of our branch faster with contactless pick-ups and drop-offs. 

Here’s what we do to make your driver’s job easier:

OB Text 1 220px

  • Location texts

We can text you and your driver the trailer’s location in our yard before pick-up.
There’s no need for your driver to stop and ask the branch staff for info and directions.

  • Pick-up and drop-off confirmation texts

We can text you a receipt confirming your trailer has been picked up or dropped off.

  • Pre-inspections

In many cases, your trailers will be pre-inspected before you arrive.
That gets your driver in and out much faster.


A modern rental agreement

Now, when you rent a trailer from XTRA Lease:

Technology 300px
  • You receive photos of the trailer’s condition right on the electronic rental agreement
    when your driver picks up the trailer.

  • If the trailer is returned with damage, we'll photograph the damage and notify you via email with links to the photos.

  • You get full transparency and the peace of mind knowing you have visible
    records of your trailer’s condition. When damage occurs, we’re upfront and
    straightforward about it. And we never charge for items we consider nuisance damage.

We were the first trailer lessor to send customers electronic agreements immediately
after trailer pick-ups and returns, with documentation of the trailer's condition.
We continue to build on that.

Modern facilities and service

  • All our branches are now equipped with tools to meet with you virtually – online – to provide account support. This is particularly helpful when you have to review documents quickly or meet face-to-face in this age of social distancing.

  • We also offer eSignature for signing lease and trailer sales agreements. There’s no need for in-person visits to finalize your contract.
The modern trailer rental continues to evolve. At XTRA Lease, rest assured that won’t stop. As the industry leader in trailer renting/leasing, we’ll continue to invest to make business easier for you.