XTRA Lease 16-Point Inspections

We promise to prepare and inspect your over-the-road rental or leased trailer according to our 16-point inspection standards before you receive it. Every time.

Those standards ensure your XTRA Lease rental or leased trailer has:

  • Been prepared to meet DOT requirements
  • A copy of current registration
  • A current license plate
  • A locking device on the slider pin handle
  • Properly functioning lights
  • Clean and clear lenses
  • Clean interiors
  • No signs of interior water leaks
  • No loose scuffliner or lining
  • Doors that seal properly
  • Legal mudflaps
  • Decals affixed to the trailer in a uniform manner
  • Tires that match and have a minimum tread depth of 5/32" on every tire
  • A minimum of 3/8" brake lining on both axles
  • Uniform wheels, clear from oil and grease
  • Unit numbers clearly displayed on the front and rear of the trailer

If we overlook anything, notify us immediately. We'll take care of it promptly--and the first rental day with us is free.

Count on us for thorough inspections that’ll get your driver outbound in 15 minutes or less. That's our XTRA Excellence Commitment to you.