Semi Trailer Leasing

XTRA Lease is the industry-leading trailer leasing company. We provide above-industry-standard trailers and offer unmatched customer service. Count on XTRA Lease trailer leasing to complete your fleet and improve your bottom line. We keep our fleet new to give our customers access to the latest in technology and durable and efficiency-driving specs.

No matter what your business, we'll help you find the trailer leasing option that’s right for you. 


Trailer Leasing Options

Trailer leasing gives you flexible options for growing your fleet and meeting customer commitments while effectively managing your finances.

Operating trailer leases

  • Keep debt off your balance sheet.
  • Enjoy the lowest monthly rate.
  • Arrange for early termination with equipment swaps if needed.
  • Service package or net-net maintenance programs.

Conditional sale contract

  • Build equity.
  • Keep depreciation and interest benefits with your leased trailers.
  • Enjoy full ownership of your trailer after your final lease payment.

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Trailer Leasing Models

We provide the newest trailer specs and the latest technologies designed for fuel savings, damage-resistance and low maintenance. Choose from a wide selection of new and well-maintained trailer models.

Storage Trailers

We also have a variety of storage trailers available for lease in various lengths with swing- and roll-doors, durable hardwood floors and watertight roofs.


Trailer Leasing Advantages

Trailer leasing is a cost-effective tactic to flex up your fleet. Financial executives and fleet managers choose trailer leasing to optimize their fleet sourcing strategy. There are several advantages to leasing semi-trailers. Leasing trailers can help you:

  • Develop the optimal fleet balance.
  • Mix rented, leased and owned trailers to keep your finances and fleet flexible.
  • Minimize risk.
  • Overcome the effects of fluctuating economic conditions, low residual values, and customer churn. 
  • Reduce maintenance and overhead costs.
  • Rely on us to cover licensing, tax, and compliance-related expenses.
  • Release working capital for much-needed investments.
  • Preserve cash and maximize your liquidity.

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  • Nationwide coverage with about 50 U.S. locations
  • No nuisance-damage bills
  • Pick-up and delivery service
  • 24/7 RoadWatch emergency roadside service
  • New trailers every year
  • Maintenance options

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