How We Handle Unpaid Tolls

TollGuard for Unpaid Tolls

You're responsible for all tolls incurred during your rental or lease. Unpaid tolls sometimes occur, though, usually because your fleet’s payment transponder fails at a toll lane.

To prevent you from incurring unexpected costs, such as penalty and violation fees, XTRA Lease has contracted with TollGuard. If your transponder fails to pay a toll, TollGuard pays the unpaid toll immediately.

TollGuard is a service of Verra Mobility*, the leading provider of toll transaction and payment solutions with coverage of all major U.S. toll regions.


How it works

  1. Verra Mobility submits a record of our trailers with license plate numbers to toll authorities nationwide.
  2. When an XTRA Lease trailer incurs an unpaid toll, TollGuard pays the toll.
  3. TollGuard invoices XTRA Lease for the unpaid toll. XTRA Lease pays TollGuard.
  4. We identify the customer who had the trailer on rent or lease at the time of the transaction and invoice the toll plus a small transaction fee.
  5. The invoice details the unpaid toll’s date, time, toll ID transaction number, toll authority, and location.

Questions or disputes?

If you’ve been improperly charged for a toll, please contact the issuing authority identified on your invoice. If you have additional questions, please contact your XTRA Lease account manager.


*Exceptions may occur. Verra Mobility covers most major U.S. tollways.