Trailer Pick-up and Delivery Service

You can't be everywhere. That's why we offer affordable and reliable trailer pick-up and delivery service at each of our XTRA Lease branch locations.

Enjoy the benefits of convenience and flexibility with no unwanted surprises!

With Our Trailer Pick-up and Delivery Service, You Get:

Full service

Time is money, so we’ll coordinate every step of your trailer pick-up and delivery.

Nationwide coverage

We have branches across the U.S., which furthers the reach we provide you.


Your account manager will let you know the logistical details and service charges up front.


We’re committed to saving your valuable time!

Let us make your job easier. We’ll help you get the trailers you need where you need them most.

Need Us to Arrange Your Trailer Pick-up and Delivery?

Contact the XTRA Lease branch nearest you. We're happy to make all the arrangements to get your trailer where you need it!

Get Your Trailer Pick-up and Delivery Started
Your drivers can’t be everywhere. We’ll help you get your trailers where you need them so your drivers can stay focused on delivering freight. Get your trailer pick-up and delivery service started today!
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