Reefer Telematics 

Being able to monitor and control the temperature of your refrigerated cargo in real time is crucial, not only to the safety of our food supply, but also to your business’s bottom line.

That’s why XTRA Lease has added FREE reefer telematics to our model year 2022 and newer refrigerated trailers. This powerful yet easy-to-use set of monitoring and control tools can help you avoid the high costs of improper temperature control.

Your trailer tracking dashboard seamlessly links to XTRA Lease reefer telematics so you can quickly and easily monitor and control your telematics-equipped XTRA Lease reefers.


XTRA Lease Reefer Telematics Makes It Easier to Keep Control of Your Cold Cargo

With XTRA Lease reefer telematics you can:

  • Avoid rejected loads by monitoring and recording core cargo temperature in real time.

  • Maintain product quality by reducing reefer unit shutdowns that can lead to lost loads.

  • Lower fuel consumption by controlling reefer units more efficiently.

  • More easily prove your FSMA-compliance.

  • Save money on labor, maintenance and service calls, and the total operating cost of your XTRA Lease refrigerated trailers.

We’re excited to be the first and only trailer lessor to offer you these powerful and easy-to-use reefer telematics tools! Contact us for more information or a demonstration.

New! FREE Reefer telematics

Available on 2022-model reefers. Supplies won't last. Call (800) 325-1453.

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