Trailer Tracking

XTRA Lease provides FREE trailer tracking—powered by SkyBitz—on your rented or leased over-the-road vans and reefers. You can track your XTRA Lease trailers coast-to-coast in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.


Take Advantage of Trailer Tracking’s Value-added Capabilities

 Whether you're renting or leasing, you can improve your trailer utilization with this dynamic tool.

Improve how you manage your assets.
Increase your profits.

  • Keep your trailers moving and earning for you.
  • Find empty trailers quickly, which makes your drivers happy.
  • Maximize revenue by moving under-used trailers to more profitable applications.
  • Increase your customers' loyalty by keeping them informed of pick-ups, deliveries and locations of their shipments.
  • Keep watch on high-value and time-sensitive shipments.

Reduce your trailer rental costs.

  • Locate idle or dormant trailers quickly.
  • Return rental trailers faster and save money.
  • Better estimate how many trailers you need and for how long.
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Easy-to-use Trailer Tracking Features

Customers access the XTRA Lease trailer tracking portal through our convenient single sign-on when logging into their online account. Our trailer tracking portal has a straightforward and intuitive dashboard with useful features like:

  • Dormancy, utilization, trailer list, map, internal reports, and more on one page!
  • Near real-time reporting at the beginning and end of every drive and at 30-minute intervals when the trailer is moving. Daily location when it isn't.
  • Alerts and notifications to stay on top of your freight in real time.
  • Cargo sensors that tell you when your trailers are loaded/unloaded. 
  • Landmarks and trailer groups you can customize for your needs.
  • Google map with snap-to street view.
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