Standard Maintenance Service

Choose our Standard Maintenance Service option for basic coverage of your rented or leased over-the-road trailers.


Standard Maintenance Coverage

Standard Maintenance Service includes:

  • Tire and brake wear replacement for normal, non-damage wear
  • No charge to repair nuisance damage*
  • Estimated mileage charges

Standard Maintenance Service Customer Responsibilities

Overall operating condition of the trailer

  • Maintain proper oil/grease levels in hubs.
  • Notify XTRA Lease promptly of any potential mechanical failure or problem.

Preventative trailer maintenance

  • Perform required preventative maintenance.
  • Perform DOT Maintenance or Provincial inspections.


  • Adjust brakes when needed.
  • Repair air leaks or damage to air lines.
  • Notify XTRA Lease when brakes reach 3/8th of an inch. XTRA Lease will replace at 2/8th of an inch.


  • Repair shorts in wiring or defective wiring.
  • Replace defective lights at time of inspection.
  • Replace burned-out lights, broken light assemblies, damage to wiring or the 7-way connector, lost lenses and reflectors.
  • Replace worn parts due to normal wear, as needed at time of inspection.


  • Repair flats and replace tires damaged by road hazards, cuts, and curbing.


*XTRA Lease's No Charge for Nuisance Damage policy applies to over-the-road trailers and at termination of rental agreement only. The policy doesn't apply to storage trailers.
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If Standard Maintenance Service sounds like the right trailer maintenance option for you, contact your local XTRA Lease account manager.

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