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Track, monitor, and manage your XTRA Lease trailer rentals with ease on myXTRA™.


What is myXTRA™?

myXTRA is a secure website that lets you manage your XTRA Lease account online. You get access to vital account information and tools to manage your trailer rental and lease fleet from anywhere.

With myXTRA™ you can:

  • Monitor & track trailers.
  • Text or email trailer locations to others.
  • Set up alerts for tracking, maintenance due, expired insurance, and more.
  • See the summary of all your trailers on rent or lease on the dashboard.
  • Search and view rental agreements & invoices.
  • Run reports on trailer activity, details, and invoices.
  • Save report favorites and subscribe to delivery daily, weekly or monthly.


In today's fast paced transportation world, having data at your fingertips is no longer a nice-to-have, it's a must-have. This is why XTRA Lease invests in our industry-leading customer portal, myXTRA.

XTRA Lease customer portal
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