No Charge for Nuisance Damage

We promise never to bill you for nuisance damage repairs on over-the-road trailers.


Never Pay for Repairs on:

  • Cuts less than 12” in height and 12” in width in the side panel that can be patched
  • Cuts less than 12” in height and 12” in width in the roof that can be patched
  • Buffing minor dings out of top or bottom rails
  • Resealing anything
  • Sweeping out trailers
  • Deflection in crossmembers (less than ½”)
  • Cleaning reefer interiors
  • Scratches of any length on side panels
  • Removing nails from floors
  • Filling floor gouges
  • Refastening registration holders
  • Replacing bottom rail rivets (unless major structural repair is needed)
  • Replacing reflective tape
  • Refastening scuffliner
  • Re-bonding roof bows
  • Removing small decals (less than 12" in height and 12" in width)
  • Refastening door seals
  • Replacing light lenses or bulbs
  • Repair shop pick-up/delivery
  • Adjusting roll doors
  • Replacing door hold-backs
  • Replacing dock bumpers

Count on us to take the hassle out of damage repairs. That's our XTRA Excellence Commitment to you.

XTRA Lease's No Charge for Nuisance Damage policy applies to over-the-road trailers and at termination of rental agreement only. This policy doesn't apply to storage trailers.