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XTRA Lease is committed to providing trailer technology that not only saves you time and money, but also makes your job more productive and efficient. We've always been drivers of trailer technology, raising the bar above what’s considered “industry-standard”.

Trailer Tracking Technology

Trailer Tracking Technology

In 2000, XTRA Lease was the first trailer rental and leasing company to offer GPS and cellular-based trailer tracking. Today, we continue to provide FREE trailer tracking to our customers. Here are just a few ways trailer tracking can help you save money and work smarter:

  • Maximize revenue—Improve how you manage your assets. Return rental trailers faster and save money or keep your trailers moving and earning for you.
  • Save time—Immediately locate idle or dormant trailers. Find empty trailers fast to keep your drivers happy. Customize landmarks and define trailer groups to access tracking information quickly and easily.

To take full advantage of trailer tracking’s many uses, learn more about our trailer tracking.

Cargo Sensor Trailer Technology

Cargo Sensor Technology

Help make your drivers’ job easier and improve your turnaround time when you rent or lease a trailer with cargo sensors. Cargo sensor technology tells you when your trailers are loaded or unloaded. Load status conveniently displays in the XTRA Lease trailer tracking portal, so you monitor your cargo and manage your fleet at the same time. Use this game-changing trailer technology to:

  • Keep watch on high-value and time-sensitive shipments.
  • Increase your customers' loyalty by keeping them informed of pick-ups, deliveries and locations of their shipments.
  • Locate empty trailers and put them back to work or turn them in.
Fuel-Saving Trailer Technology 2

Fuel-saving Technology

We were the first trailer rental and leasing company to install fuel-efficient side skirts on reefers and dry vans. To this day, XTRA Lease has the largest rental fleet of aerodynamic trailers in the U.S. When aerodynamic side skirts are combined with our low rolling-resistance tires, customers save about 6% in fuel costs, according to the EPA. 

Fuel-Saving Trailer Technology 2

Reefer Telematics

XTRA Lease has added FREE reefer telematics to all model year 2022 and newer trailers so you can get two-way monitoring and control.

Reefer telematics provides all the reports, events and alarms needed to reduce fleet operating costs and ensure regulatory compliance. Protect your cargo with complete control of the reefer environment.

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