XTRA Excellence Commitment

XTRA Lease makes a promise to provide you with superior service and standards every time you do business with us. We call it our XTRA Excellence Commitment. Here’s what you can expect.


We Promise to:

  • Prepare and inspect every over-the-road trailer we rent or lease to make sure it meets our rigorous 16-point inspection standard before your driver pulls it out of our yard.
  • Complete a thorough outbound inspection with your driver. Our mobile technology and efficient process keep inspection time to a minimum—no more than 15 minutes or your first rental day is free.
  • Respond to trailer emergencies 24/7 with our RoadWatch® emergency road service*. And if you have tire issues, we promise your driver will be back on the road within three hours of calling RoadWatch or we'll credit your account $60 for each additional hour you're delayed, up to $150.
  • Notify you within 24 hours of the documented condition of the trailer you returned, or we'll waive our right to bill you for damage.
  • Manage trailer damage with our Repair Cost Standards and Equipment Maintenance Management software.
  • Never add mark-ups to repair work. Trailer repairs are not a source of profit for our company.
  • For repairs less than $3,500, charge our Repair Cost Standard (the fair market cost to repair the trailer) with no mark-up. We've developed our Repair Cost Standards over many years, based on thousands of similar repairs in geographic areas similar to yours.
  • For repairs $3,500 and greater, get two estimates and charge you the lower of the two, with no mark-up.


*To use this service for a leased trailer, you must have a RoadWatch subscription.


16-Point Inspections

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No Nuisance Damage Policy

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Superior Service Paired with Superior Equipment

XTRA Lease has meticulously developed an industry-leading trailer fleet you can rely on. When you rent or lease from us, you get durable, damage-resistant trailers that maximize both fuel efficiency and driver efficiency. To help you keep moving your business forward, we constantly innovate and refine our trailer specs, loading them with proven advances in technology and materials. And FREE trailer tracking and cargo sensors help you get the most out of your operations and an edge over your competition.