Load Out Trailers

Help us re-position XTRA Lease trailers and you can get paid and/or get free rental days!

Our trailer move opportunities give you a variety of options to balance your fleet. Next time you have too many tractors in a market, check out how you can re-position them by picking up one of our trailers for a back-haul. 

Interested in a trailer move? Contact our Traffic Department at 888-367-9872.

Trailers Available For Load-Out
Qty Type L Door Susp Origin [qty] Destination [qty] Notes Last Updated
9 Reefer 53' Swing Spring-Ride
Commerce, CA [1]
Orange, CA [4]
Stockton, CA [4]
Dallas, TX [1]
Fort Worth, TX [1]
Kansas City, MO [1]
Laredo, TX [1]
Little Rock, AR [1]
San Antonio, TX [1]
Pays $250 Swing Doors / $350 Roll Doors
(7) Swing Doors / (3) Roll Doors
Model Years 2017 & 2018
Request Trailer 07/18/2024
Trailers Available For Drive-Away
Qty Type L Door Susp Origin [qty] Destination [qty] Notes Last Updated


All trailer moves are subject to XTRA’s Standard Terms and Conditions located here.  An Equipment Rental Agreement will be issued to you as Lessee when the equipment is picked up by you directly or when it is picked up by your agent or vendor on your behalf.  In exchange for free rental days and/or a fee, as applicable, the equipment must be delivered to the destination and by the date indicated by XTRA Lease.  If it is not delivered by the deadline provided by XTRA Lease, Lessee will be subject to our standard rental card rates and/or other fees as set forth in the Equipment Rental Agreement.  By reaching out to the XTRA Lease Traffic Moves Department to pursue a traffic move, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.