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  • Spring vs Air chart

    Comparing Maintenance and Costs of Trailer Suspensions

    Capital outlay for a new trailer is high enough without the cost of “surprise” maintenance. To shed some light on what you may be getting yourself into when you choose a trailer suspension, we pulled together data on the cost of maintaining spring and air suspensions from online sources, from XTRA Lease customers and from our own fleet records.
  • Cost of Running Spring Ride_Hero

    The Real Cost of Running Spring-Rides and Air-Rides

    What’s the difference in repair cost between spring-rides and air-rides? A growing freight carrier out of Tucson, Diamondback Systems, gathered some numbers and came to some conclusions that surprised them. Here’s their real-life example.
  • What New Trailers Do for Your Bottom Line

    They can cost less, be more efficient, help you retain drivers, and more, no matter your length of haul. Here's how.
  • Why Spring-Ride?

    Here are a few things you may not know about trailer suspensions. The type of suspension on your semi-trailer has an impact on your bottom line. It can affect the safety of your shipments, your fleet utilization, your driver’s job satisfaction and the long-term profitability of your business.