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  • Tractor trailer tire in motion

    4 Tire Pressure Tips to Keep Air In and Money Out of Your Tires

    The pressurized air held by your tires is what supports your cargo. The tire is the container that makes it possible—the high-tech, expensive container that you want to get the most life from. Here are some tips to do just that.
  • Spring vs Air chart

    Comparing Maintenance and Costs of Trailer Suspensions

    Capital outlay for a new trailer is high enough without the cost of “surprise” maintenance. To shed some light on what you may be getting yourself into when you choose a trailer suspension, we pulled together data on the cost of maintaining spring and air suspensions from online sources, from XTRA Lease customers and from our own fleet records.
  • 2020 Model dry van interior view

    Specs That Reduce Maintenance Headaches

    Specs that reduce maintenance make your trailers damage-resistant and help them endure the rough-and-tumble of over-the-road work. Poorly spec’d trailers can wreak havoc in a fleet.
  • Cost of Running Spring Ride_Hero

    The Real Cost of Running Spring-Rides and Air-Rides

    What’s the difference in repair cost between spring-rides and air-rides? A growing freight carrier out of Tucson, Diamondback Systems, gathered some numbers and came to some conclusions that surprised them. Here’s their real-life example.
  • What New Trailers Do for Your Bottom Line

    They can cost less, be more efficient, help you retain drivers, and more, no matter your length of haul. Here's how.
  • Why Spring-Ride?

    Here are a few things you may not know about trailer suspensions. The type of suspension on your semi-trailer has an impact on your bottom line. It can affect the safety of your shipments, your fleet utilization, your driver’s job satisfaction and the long-term profitability of your business.