Working Here

Every day, XTRA Lease rents and leases thousands of trailers to companies who haul goods. We’re plugged into the largest and smallest supply chains across the country. In fact, our customers transport 80% of America’s goods used in daily life.


What We Do 

XTRA Lease business operations are largely conducted from our nationwide branch locations. All branches are 100% company-owned and managed by a dedicated team composed of sales and operations people. Branch teams have a direct impact on their performance and local brand identity. They nurture national and local customer relationships, ensure equipment meets safety standards, and respond quickly when customer emergencies happen.

XTRA Lease teams are made and shaped by talented individuals like you—people who are ready to deliver on our reputation with excellent service and responsive problem-solving.



Q: I’m not familiar with XTRA or the truck trailer business. What can you tell me?

A: The transportation industry is fast-paced and service-oriented. Changes in supply chains and consumer buying patterns demand that trucking companies and private fleets stay flexible, yet efficient. XTRA Lease serves them by providing trailers, often on short notice, to meet demands. XTRA Lease is a leader in trailer renting and leasing, offering superb customer service, technology, and equipment.


Q: How often does XTRA Lease have a position open?

A: We’re always looking for energetic, goal-oriented people with great customer focus and fresh ideas. Check our current job opportunities to see the positions open today.


Q: What’s it really like to work at XTRA Lease?

A: Our employees say it’s fun, challenging, and rewarding!  Every day presents unique challenges and opportunities to succeed. Employees help shape our dynamic environment. You’ll find people with an independent spirit and an entrepreneurial approach to serving customers.


Q:  What can you tell me about the importance of diversity at XTRA Lease?

A: Transportation is a diverse industry, reflective and inclusive of all Americans. At XTRA Lease, diversity helps us deliver excellent customer service. We focus on not only the success of our team, but also on the success of each person who brings his/her unique skills and ideas to work every day,


Q:  How does the “promote-from-within culture” help support career development at every level?

A: Employees learn every aspect of the transportation industry, because when you work at an XTRA Lease branch, you’re in effect running your own business and managing our brand on a local basis. You gain experience in operations, sales, customer service, safety, expense control, and technology. This broad skill set makes you an invaluable resource who has options to move up the ladder.


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