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How to Keep Trailers Visible, Even When They’re Out of Sight

You’d think an experienced carrier like Swift Transportation might know what they’re talking about when it comes to tracking trailers.

You’d be right.

And they have some good advice.

Here’s what Swift says about how to keep trailers visible, even when they’re out of sight:

  • use untethered tracking to direct drivers to trailers efficiently.

  • get accurate data about trailer location so you can keep your customers’ freight moving expeditiously.

  • download exact location data periodically to confirm your rented assets are where your customers and your TMS say they are.

  • keep an eye on how your rented assets are being used—or not being used—so you can put under-utilized trailers to work or return them. Extract that cost from your customer’s contract.

Get the whole story for yourself, when you have about 10 minutes: Swift story.