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XTRA Lease Las Vegas

  • Address: 6080 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89122-7471
  • Phone Number: (702) 597-9035
  • Fax: (702) 597-9052
  • Hours: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday
  • Operations Manager: Lee, Michael
  • Branch Manager: Portillo, Mary Jane
  • Email:


Trailer Rentals and Leasing

XTRA Lease Las Vegas serves the areas in and around Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, North Las Vegas, and Reno, Nevada. The branch is only eight miles east of the Vegas Strip near Highway 95 and about six miles from McCarran Airport. Our customers move freight for the city’s restaurants, casinos, hospitals, and conventions, and retail, food and beverage, construction, and technology industries.

XTRA Lease Las Vegas helps fleet managers from all over the Silver State with the newest, most dependable trailers available. We’re one of about 50 XTRA Lease locations in the United States and oversee part of XTRA Lease’s national fleet of about 90,000 trailers. Whether you need one double-drop for a single load or 100 dry vans for your peak season, the XTRA Lease staff will get your driver in and out in a blink. 

Contact XTRA Lease Las Vegas to get your trailer rental or trailer lease started. Our extensive inventory of dry vans, flatbed trailers, reefers, chassis, and storage trailers contains a wide range of sizes and specs, so you can match the trailer to the cargo requirements.  We spec XTRA Lease trailers with loader-friendly, fuel-efficient, and low-maintenance features to help reduce your operating costs. With flexible rental and leasing options, you can choose terms that fit your financial objectives while enjoying services that improve your fleet’s productivity.

The staff at XTRA Lease Las Vegas is committed to understanding your requirements and delivering the trailers that help you exceed shippers’ expectations. The Las Vegas team is knowledgeable, responsive and here to help you conquer your fleet management challenges.


Used Trailers for Sale 

XTRA Lease Las Vegas sells used trailers that have completed their tenure in our rental fleet. When you buy a used trailer from XTRA Lease, you get a trailer that’s spent its lifetime being thoroughly inspected and maintained to our XTRA high standards. And they typically have lower mileage than same-vintage trailers from other companies.  Buy a used trailer you can depend on for the long haul. Contact the Las Vegas to find out what models are available for purchase. Don’t delay—the selection changes frequently!


About XTRA Lease

Sometimes you just need any roadworthy trailer for a short-term need. But most often, you want a supplier who works with you to explore fleet mix options and solve new shipper challenges. For more than 25 years, XTRA Lease has done just that. Our commitment to superior service, serious specs, and proven technology has made XTRA Lease the leading provider of over-the-road trailers for rent and lease in the U.S. 

Formed in 1992 and owned by Berkshire Hathaway, XTRA Lease rents trailers and leases semi-trailer equipment to credit-approved commercial organizations, including truckload carriers, less-than-truckload carriers, asset-light carriers, dedicated and third-party logistics (3PL) operations, private fleets and shippers, local trucking firms, and warehousing and storage operations.


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