Dry Van Rentals

Complete your fleet with a reliable, cost-effective XTRA Lease dry van. We have the largest rental fleet of new dry vans in the U.S.

Spec’d tough to meet the demands of trucking, XTRA Lease dry van trailer rentals are loaded with XTRA value:

  • Young fleet—the average age of XTRA Lease over-the-road vans is 4.6 years.
  • FREE trailer tracking and cargo sensors
  • More uptime—durable specs mean fewer breakdowns.
  • Lower maintenance costs—backed by our rigorous preventive maintenance.
  • Up to 6% fuel-cost savings*—thanks to side skirts and low rolling-resistance tires.

*EPA estimate


Dry Van Trailers Available for Rent

Composite Plate

Dry Van_Composite Plate 150

  • 48’, 53’ and 57’ lengths
  • Swing- or roll-door


Dry Van_Liftgate 150

  • 28', 48' and 53' lengths
  • Roll-door


Dry Van_Specialty Van 150

  • Auto-drop and Auto-spec
  • Storage

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Rent a Dry Van that’s Spec’d Tough

Focus on your freight, not on concerns about your equipment. 

XTRA Lease dry van trailer rentals are a grade above what you’ll find almost anywhere else. Our trailers are built smart from materials that go the distance, so your rental return is much less likely to be followed by a bill for damage.

All dry van rentals feature specs that save you fuel cost, make your driver’s job easier, resist damage and minimize maintenance.


Dry Van Technology

Equipped with advanced technology

  • Trailer tracking and cargo sensors (on dry vans) give trailer location and load status, so you can return your rental faster and reduce costly driver errors.
  • Aerodynamic side skirts reduce fuel usage by 5%, according to the EPA.
  • Low-rolling resistance tires reduce fuel usage by 1%, according to the EPA.
  • Air-assisted slider pin release makes it easier for a driver to adjust tandem position.

Low maintenance specs_Dry Van

Low-maintenance specs maximize productivity and minimize cost

  • Synthetic grease wheel ends reduce the need to replace wheel seals.
  • LED lights are brighter than incandescent and last longer.
  • Self-lubricating landing gear with extended life grease and internal gearbox hold off common maintenance tasks.
  • Swivel gladhands prevent contaminants from entering the brake line.

Damage Resistant specs

Damage-resistant design safeguards uptime and saves money

  • Composite panels, doors and nose liners improve resistance to punctures and corrosion.
  • Heavy duty threshold plate resists the pounding of forklifts.
  • 1-3/8” oak floor with 24,000-pound rating stands up to moisture and to loaded forklifts.
  • Galvanized rear frame and landing gear resist corrosive rust.
  • 101” interior width gives you maximum cargo space—you can even pinwheel pallets.
  • Galvanized steel side scuff integrates with an aluminum bottom for better cargo protection.

It's Easy to Start Your Dry Van Rental

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Get XTRA Value You Won't Get Elsewhere
  • Nationwide coverage with about 50 U.S. locations
  • Free trailer tracking and cargo sensors
  • No nuisance-damage bills
  • Pick-up and delivery service
  • 24/7 RoadWatch emergency roadside service
  • New trailers every year
  • XTRA Excellence Commitment

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