Chassis Trailer Rental

Rent a high-quality, cost-effective chassis from XTRA Lease and get reliable equipment at a competitive rate.

XTRA Lease chassis are built tough to be damage-resistant, low-maintenance and loader-friendly. Manufactured in the U.S. and engineered for strength and durability, our chassis are spec’d to meet ISO standards and maintained to our XTRA high standards. 


Chassis Models Available for Rent

Combo Tridem Chassis

Chassis_Combo Tridem Chassis

  • Length: 20'- 40'; Width: 96”
  • Carries one loaded 20' or 40' or two empty 20' ISO containers
  • Deck height: 48” (rear)
  • Tridem axle, 2-position, sliding spring suspension
  • Durable 255/70R22.5 premium radial tires
  • Heavy-duty bolsters with retractable front and rear twist locks, swing-down center locks
  • GVWR: 83,000 lbs for 40’; 76,000 lbs for 20’

24-Metric Ton Chassis

Chassis_24-Metric Ton Tridem Chassis

  • Length: 33' closed, 41' extended
  • Carries one 20' ISO container, 24 metric tons
  • Width: 102" over tires; 96” over bolsters
  • Tridem axle, 2-position, sliding spring suspension
  • 11R x 22.5 premium radial tires for tridem axle application
  • Heavy duty, box-type bolsters with four cast-steel twist locks

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Spec'd Tough_Chassis

Features of All Chassis Rentals

XTRA Lease chassis deliver uncompromised performance that you can count on for the long haul. Manage heavy payloads with our above-industry standard specs:

  • Spring ride suspension
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Fixed gladhands
  • Heavy-duty bolsters
  • Self-lubricating, 2-speed, AAR-certified landing gear with internal gearbox and low-profile sand shoes
  • 7-way ATA plug with no circuit breakers
  • High-strength steel I-beam mainframe
  • Quick-change, extended-life brake shoes
  • LED lights with a fully sealed wiring harness and internal ground
  • Long-lasting paint systems with corrosion resistance

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