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Truckload CarrCustomer Success Story--Truckload Carrier Scrambles for New Trailersier Scrambles for New Trailers to Comply with Regulations 

A large Midwest carrier made a bet on pending legislation. Anticipating that Congress would allow 53’ dry vans into Mexico, the carrier placed an order for 1,000 new trailers. When the bill didn’t pass, the carrier was left with a commitment for equipment they couldn’t use. The CEO called on XTRA Lease for help.

The carrier signed a three-month lease with XTRA Lease for 900 48’ dry vans, spec’d to meet the demands of their automotive and consumer goods shippers. Then, XTRA Lease bought and took delivery of the new 53' vans ordered by the carrier, merging some into its rental fleet and using the rest to fill long-term lease orders from customers.   

Logistics Company Slammed with Unexpected Customer Loss Customer Success Story--Logistics Company Slammed with Customer Loss

GSC Logistics, a large cross-dock facility in the Port of Oakland, operates its fleet on a 100% leasing model. Several years ago as the economy slumped, one of GSC's major automotive customers closed, leaving a large gap in their revenue flow. 

XTRA Lease provided GSC with the flexibility to move in and out of market niches quickly, helping them bid on and win business with large discount retailers. Read more. 


Customer Success Story--Small Truckload Carrier Threatened by TheftSmall Carrier Threatened by Cargo Theft

Family-operated Wisconsin carrier hauled consumer goods for a distribution center which did not allow a delivery when the driver arrived. The driver was forced to park the trailer at a truck stop for the weekend, and checked the trailer several times over the weekend. But on the last check, the trailer was gone. He called XTRA Lease for help.

Fortunately the rental van was equipped with trailer tracking technology. XTRA Lease found the exact location of the stolen trailer and notified the FBI. The FBI allowed the theft ring to remove the cargo, store it in a warehouse and ditch the trailer. Within 48 hours of the trailer being reported missing to XTRA Lease, the FBI had recovered the trailer and the cargo and had called the carrier to come pick up their merchandise. The news was later followed with more good news—because of trailer tracking technology, the carrier’s insurance rates did NOT increase.