Trailer Types


Lower fuel costs by a few degrees with reefers from XTRA Lease

We offer a large selection of refrigerated vans in a variety of makes, models and specs.
  • Electronic valves provide tight temperature control and protect the compressor.
  • Aerodynamic side skirts and low rolling-resistance tires save up to 6.5% in fuel costs.
  • Advanced cooling systems boost cooling capacity.
  • Temperature control matches temperature requirements to specific loads and reduces entry errors.
  • Trailer tracking to monitor dormancy and utilization is FREE on reefer rentals and leases. When you lease reefers you also may choose two-way monitoring and control via Orbcomm reefer telematics. Contact us for information pricing.
Operate reefers safely in California without fear of penalty.
We have thousands of CARB-compliant reefers available now for rent or lease.

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