Trailer Tracking

Boost your productivity with FREE trailer tracking!*

Our trailer tracking features cargo sensors on all 2019 and newer dry vans! And it's still FREE!

With XTRA Lease trailer tracking on your side you'll:

  • Reduce trailer rental costs.
    • Find idle or dormant trailers quickly.
    • Return rental trailers faster and save money.
    • Better estimate how many trailers you need and for how long.
  • Improve how you manage your assets. Increase your profits.
    • Keep your trailers moving and earning for you.
    • Find empty trailers quickly, which makes your drivers happy.
    • Maximize revenue by moving under-used trailers to more profitable applications.
    • Increase your customers' loyalty by keeping them informed of pick-ups, deliveries and locations of their shipments.
    • Keep watch on high-value and time-sensitive shipments.


These easy-to-use features of our trailer tracking can boost your efficiency:
  • Single sign-on to get you into your online account AND trailer tracking.

  • Near real-time reporting at the beginning and end of every drive and at 30-minute intervals when the trailer is moving. Daily location when it isn't.

  • Powerful dashboard--dormancy, utilization, trailer list, map, internal reports and more on one page!

  • Google map with snap-to street view.

  • Landmarks and trailer groups you can customize for your needs.

  • No connection to 7-way plug needed; the solar-powered unit allows extended deployment.

  • Untethered tracking so you can locate your trailers even when they aren't hooked to power.

Trailer tracking from XTRA Lease is FREE on over-the-road dry vans and reefers!* And you can track your XTRA Lease trailers from coast-to-coast in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Log in to your secure account and get the data you need to keep your trailers moving and your drivers productive.

Contact us to learn more about trailer tracking.

*FREE trailer tracking is available on over-the-road dry van and reefer rentals and leases. Cargo sensors are available on 2019 and newer model year dry vans. Some restrictions apply. Ask a representative for details.​​​​​​​​