Paperless Billing

Frequently Asked Questions about Paperless Billing with XTRA Lease

How do I set up paperless billing?
Your company’s Secure Account Manager (SAM) can enable paperless billing through the "Manage Account" tab on the XTRA Lease secure website.  If you are the SAM, go to Manage Account and follow the prompts. If you are a Secure Account User (SAU) and want paperless billing, please contact the SAM for your account or your local branch.


Once I’ve set up paperless billing for my account, how will I know when an invoice arrives that needs my payment?
The invoice alert is an email that notifies you when a new invoice is available to view on the XTRA Lease website. 
By default, if you are the SAM
for your account, you will automatically receive the invoice alert.  If you are a Secure User enrolled in paperless billing, go to the Alerts tab under My Profile to opt in for alerts.   A link to each newly posted invoice .pdf is embedded in the body of the email and requires the secure user to log in to view the invoice.


Do I have to receive your invoice alerts if I don’t want them?
By default, the Secure Account Manager for your account automatically receives invoice alerts when s/he signed up for paperless billing.  

If the SAM doesn’t want to receive the invoice alerts, s/he must assign another secure user to receive them before the system will allow her/him to opt out.  At that point, the SAM may go to the Alerts tab under My Profile to opt out of invoice alerts.


I don’t want to get an email alert every time an invoice is posted.  Can I set up a schedule or just turn the invoice alert off?
At least one person, a secure user, in your organization MUST receive invoice alerts at the time the invoice posting occurs.  The website does not have any features that allow users to turn off or schedule invoice alerts.


I work in a large national company that has many accounts with XTRA Lease.  I want the account(s) I use to have paperless billing but Corporate doesn’t want to participate.  Do all of our accounts need to operate the same way for invoicing?
No.  We can help any authorized secure user enable paperless billing.  Contact the Customer Connection Center (C3)​ and we can help set up paperless for you. 


What happens if I miss the alert?
Log in to your secure account on and go to your invoice page.  Invoices are accessible on our website for 24 months after posting. 


How soon after my invoice is generated will I receive my invoice alert?
Invoice alerts are sent immediately after the system generates an invoice.


What are my options for how I pay my rental/lease invoices?
XTRA Lease offers several ways to pay your invoices. You may:

  • Initiate an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to Bank of America.  We provide you our bank account information so your bank can pay us electronically.  Please ask your account manager to help.

  • Send a check to the address on your invoice by U.S. mail.

  • Set up an ACH process.  You provide us your bank information and authorize XTRA Lease to automatically withdraw your scheduled payment to Bank of America.  Please ask your account manager to help with the set-up process.

I want to set up subscriptions to receive customized Invoice Reports by email, so I don’t have to recreate them.  What do I need to know?
First, review the Report Center User Guide you’ll find on the first Report Center screen.  It provides a step-by-step tutorial for how to use the new features. Then as you set up your subscription, keep in mind how you might use each of the reports:



Use the report content to:​

Invoice Detail

·         Enter invoices into your accounts payable system

·         Obtain approval for invoices from management

·         Compare to other customer documents such as bill of lading, delivery tickets

·         Analyze spending categories to review customer profitability

Invoice Summary

·         Prepare a budget analysis for capital planning

·         Monitor budget against spending for a selected timeframe

·         Review total spending by cost center, location, product line or accounting center

Customer Statement

·         Monitor outstanding A/P status and balances

·         Validate your payment history

·         Obtain a central review for selected account numbers(s) and monitor delinquencies by cost center, location or accounting center

Rental and Lease Activity

·         Quickly assess current active inventory of rentals and leased trailers

·         Analyze rental patterns for fleet planning and budgeting

·         Evaluate fleet mix comparing rental to lease to owned equipment

·         Evaluate and compare geographic/location rental patterns; compare to customer requirements

Licensing, Maintenance and Trailer Locations

·         Proactively locate and schedule trailers for preventative maintenance

·         Schedule license renewals

·         Ensure CARB compliance on reefers needed for California freight

Trailer Types and Specifications

·         Evaluate use patterns by specification and type

·         Match specification, e.g., door type, liftgate to customer requirement


Who do I call if I need help with my report favorites or subscriptions?
Start with the branch where you picked up the trailers.  The XTRA Lease branch employees know how to walk you through the website and report center features to ensure the data you’re looking for is there.  Or you can contact our Customer Connection Center at 844.546.9872.


Do all secure users at my company have access to the three invoice reports in the Report Center?
No.  Only secure users with permission to view invoices can access those three reports.


Is there an additional cost for this service?

No.  The Report Center features are added-value services we developed to help you have more tools for operational efficiency.


Will I receive a monthly statement email showing my payment history and account balance?
No, you will not receive an automated monthly statement email.  However, you can create a report favorite and set up a subscription for the Customer Statement report.


Can I receive your paperless billing alerts and also still have a paper invoice mailed to me?
No.  Invoice alerts distribute only to our customers who signed up for paperless billing.