Paperless Billing

Frequently Asked Questions about Paperless Billing with XTRA Lease

How do I set up paperless billing? 

  • Your company’s Account Manager can enable paperless billing. If you're the Account Manager, follow these steps. 
  • If you're a standard user, please contact your Account Manager or your local branch.
  • If you want only some of your company's XTRA Lease accounts to have paperless billing, contact our Customer Connection Center​ to set up paperless billing for you. 

How will I know when a new invoice is available?

  • When a new invoice is available, we'll email the Account Manager and standard users who have opted in for that email. 
  • You can also view invoices by logging in and going to your invoice page. 
  • At least one user--Account Manager or standard user--MUST be set up to get the invoice email. If the Account Manager doesn’t want the email, s/he must assign another secure user to get it; then s/he will be able to opt out. 

What are my payment options?

  • Set up an electronic funds transfer (EFT). Your account manager can tell you how.
  • Send a check by U.S. mail.
  • Set up an ACH process. Your account manager can tell you how.

What kind of reports can I get? 


Use the report content to:​

Invoice Detail

·         Enter invoices into your accounts payable system

·         Obtain approval for invoices from management

·         Compare to other customer documents such as bill of lading, delivery tickets

·         Analyze spending categories to review customer profitability

Invoice Summary

·         Prepare a budget analysis for capital planning

·         Monitor budget against spending for a selected timeframe

·         Review total spending by cost center, location, product line or accounting  center

Customer Statement

·         Monitor outstanding invoices and balances

·         Validate your payment history

·         Review accounts and monitor delinquencies by cost center, location or accounting center

Rental and Lease Activity

·         Quickly assess current active inventory of rentals and leased trailers

·         Analyze rental patterns to help with fleet planning and budgeting

·         Evaluate fleet mix, comparing rented to leased to owned equipment

·         Evaluate and compare geographic/location rental patterns; compare to your customer requirements

Licensing, Maintenance and Trailer Locations

·         Proactively locate and schedule trailers for preventive maintenance

·         Schedule license renewals

·         Ensure CARB compliance on reefers you'll use in California

Trailer Types and Specifications

·         Spot patterns in how you're using different trailer types and specs

·         Match specification, e.g., door type, liftgate, to your customer requirements

You can save invoice reports and view them on demand or get them via email on the schedule of your choosing.

Only secure users with permission to view invoices can access the three invoice reports.

How do I get help?
Start by contacting the branch where you picked up the trailers. XTRA Lease branch employees know how to walk you through the website and reports to help you get the data you’re looking for. You can also contact our Customer Connection Center at 844.546.9872.


See the Online Account User Guide for details on how to use any of the features of your account. Can't find your user guide? Contact our Customer Connection Center and we'll send you a new one.​​