Email Alerts

Keep up with all info attached to your rented or leased trailers.

Get ale​rts via email with information when you need it! Your online account lets you easily set up the alerts you want and indicate when you want them.
Types of Alerts:

Expiring Insurance Alert

Keeping insurance certificates up to date on your rented or leased trailers can be a moving target. Your online account can send you an email when it’s time to update your insurance certificates, well before they expire.

New Invoice Alert

If you're enrolled in paperless billing, you’ll get an email alert when a new invoice becomes available.

Rental Agreement Alert

Choose to get an email every time your driver picks up or drops off a trailer at an XTRA Lease branch, or opt for a daily summary email.

RoadWatch® Alert

No one plans to have a trailer breakdown. But if one occurs, and our RoadWatch team works to resolve it, they'll keep you in the loop with an email letting you know the trailer number and when the breakdown occurred. That email also indicates that your trailer's back in service.

Scheduled Maintenance Alert

Scheduled maintenance can be a moving target when you have rented or leased trailers. An email alert can let you know when an XTRA Lease trailer is due for maintenance, in plenty of time to get it scheduled.

Scheduled Report Alert

With your online account, you can create custom reports and schedule them to run on a regular basis. If you set up an alert you can get your reports via email in your preferred format -- Excel, XML, PDF or a link to the report.

Trailer Damage Al​ert

You don’t want surprises. An alert about trailer damage keeps you informed on services or damage related to the trailers you have on rent or lease. If there’s damage on a trailer you return, you'll get an email within 24 hours. The email will include photos and descriptions of the damage that you can review, and will tell you who to contact to quickly resolve the issue.