Collision Damage Waiver

Our cost-effective alternative to physical damage insurance for rented and leased trailers.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) helps simplify your trailer rental and lease insurance requirements and minimizes valuable time and money spent on insurance companies.

What is CDW?

  • A partial release of liabilities in exchange for a stated monthly fee.
  • A service that covers you for loss due to damage or theft of your XTRA Lease rental trailer(s).
  • A service that does not cover personal liability, property damage liability or comprehensive general liability.

Why should I have CDW?

This insurance alternative works with your insurance and offers many time- and money-saving benefits, including:

  • No-hassle settlements—Just pay your deductible and we take care of the rest, including coordinating repairs.

  • Increased cash flow—No more lump-sum insurance premiums and no out-of-pocket cash outlays while waiting for an insurance settlement.

  • One phone call—We handle ALL of the paperwork associated with an accident claim.

  • FREE interim trailer rental—If your trailer is severely damaged, we’ll provide an interim rental trailer at no charge for up to seven days.*

  • And more! Check out 25 frequently asked questions about CDW.


For such a small fee, you can’t afford NOT to have CDW on every trailer.

Find out how a CDW from XTRA Lease can save you time and money

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