Collision Damage Waiver

Our cost-effective alternative to physical damage insurance for rented and leased trailers.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) helps simplify your physical damage insurance requirements for rented and leased trailers and offers additional flexibility you may not have with your insurance carrier.

What is CDW?

  • A partial release of responsibility to pay for damage or loss to your XTRA Lease trailer in exchange for a daily fee.
  • A service that covers damage or loss of your rented or leased trailer from covered events due to traffic accidents, fire or theft.
  • CDW is a damage waiver and is not insurance; it doesn’t cover personal injury, property damage or other losses covered by insurance.

When does CDW apply?

CDW coverage applies when:

  • You are compliant with all terms and conditions of your rental or lease agreement.
  • You are current on all payments.
  • You have notified your XTRA Lease branch within 72 hours of a damage event.
  • You provide a copy of the police report to XTRA Lease, as well as any additional documentation required for XTRA Lease to process your claim.
  • The damage event occurred in the United States or Canada.

CDW coverage terminates immediately if the lessee defaults on any terms or conditions of their rental or lease agreement.

What does CDW not cover?

  • Turn-in charges for trailer damage
  • Lost or missing trailers
  • Recovery of trailer, tractor or cargo
  • Towing and storage charges
  • A damage event occurring outside of the United States or Canada
  • Damage or loss from the improper use, care or maintenance of a trailer
  • Tire theft or damage
  • Contamination from cargo

Why should I have CDW?

This insurance alternative works with your insurance and offers many time- and money-saving benefits, including:

  • No-hassle settlements—Just pay your deductible and we take care of the rest, including coordinating repairs.
  • Increased cash flow—No more lump-sum insurance premiums and no out-of-pocket cash outlays while waiting for an insurance settlement.
  • Less paperwork—We handle all the work associated with the trailer repair for a CDW claim.

How do I make a claim?

Contact your XTRA Lease branch to report your trailer damage. When you submit your claim, your XTRA Lease representative will ask you questions to start the claim process, such as:

  • What happened to the trailer?
  • Where is the trailer now?
  • Is the trailer damaged or totaled?
  • Was a police report completed?
  • Are there photos available of the damage?
  • Who should receive the invoice for your deductible?

For such a small fee, you can’t afford NOT to have CDW on every trailer.

Other restrictions apply. Please see XTRA Lease’s Standard Terms and Conditions for full details.​​​

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