XTRA Lease

Air disc brakes

Chalk up another advantage of renting or leasing from XTRA: air disc brakes. They're now standard on all XTRA Lease dry vans and reefers built since early 2018!

Talk about a boost to reliability.

When you run with air disc brakes instead of drum brakes, you get:
  • Significantly longer brake pad life, which extends intervals between brake jobs.
  • Lower risk for out-of-adjustment violations. Did you know that during CVSA's Roadcheck 2018, brakes accounted for almost 17% of out-of-service violations?
  • Reduced brake fade. Traditional brake drums expand away from the brake lining during hard braking, resulting in brake fade. Disc brake rotors expand toward the brake pads during braking, essentially eliminating brake fade.
  • Shorter stopping distance.
  • No charge for brake wear on Net/Net maintenance deals.
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