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Who can rent or lease trailers from XTRA Lease?

XTRA Lease offers semi-trailer rental and leasing to credit-qualified commercial businesses only.

How do I become a customer?

Fill out our online credit application, and your local branch will get in contact with you quickly.

How do I get pricing information for trailer rentals or leases?

Contact your local branch. Pricing will vary based on trailer vintage, spec's, lease term, maintenance options and many other factors. Our sales team can provide a quote based on your specific needs.

Where can I find a listing of all your used trailers for sale?

Each location typically has used trailers for sale, but available inventory often changes quickly. Contact your local branch for a list of trailers that meet your specifications.

The specialized equipment I'm looking for isn't listed in the Trailer Availability section. Is there another place to look?

The sales team at your local branch can help you find over-the-road trailers with specialized features.

Do all of your trailers come equipped with trailer tracking?

Basic trailer tracking is FREE on all over-the-road dry van rentals and some reefer van rentals. It's also FREE on new over-the-road dry van and late model reefer leases.

Can I rent a trailer in one city and drop it off in another?

Yes. Just ask your sales rep about rates for one-way moves. You can also find money-saving opportunities through our one-way repositioning program. We often have trailers available that need to be moved from locations throughout North America. You'll save big by helping us reposition this equipment.

What happens if an XTRA Lease trailer breaks down on the road?

Just call our RoadWatch team. They're available 24/7. With a network of more than 30,000 authorized repair vendors across the U.S., Roadwatch is only a phone call away. And with most tire-related repairs, you'll be back on the road in three hours or less. Call 800.325.1453. (For term lease trailers, a RoadWatch subscription is required.)

I have a question about my bill. Who should I contact?

Your sales rep at your local branch can answer any invoice questions you may have.

How do I find a trailer I believe may have been stolen?

Contact your local branch. If your trailer is equipped with trailer tracking, they'll be able to locate it for you.

​Looking for information you can't find on this page?

Contact your local branch or call 800.325.1453.

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