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I'm not familiar with XTRA or the trailer leasing business. Can you tell me about the industry? 

The transportation business is fast-paced and service-oriented. Changes in supply chains and consumer buying patterns demand that trucking companies and private fleets stay flexible, yet efficient. XTRA Lease serves the supply chain by providing trailers, often on short notice, to meet emerging or seasonal demands. XTRA Lease is a known leader in the transportation sector, offering innovation in technology and equipment.

How often does XTRA Lease have positions open?

We're always looking for energetic, goal-oriented people with great skills and fresh ideas. Check our Current Job Opportunities page to see the variety of positions open today.

Will I have to relocate to develop my career at XTRA Lease?

That depends on you and the profession you've chosen. If you start at an entry-level position in a branch, it's possible to advance while staying at the same location. However, if you're in sales or desire an area or senior management position, it may be necessary to relocate. Bottom line: your performance, desires and abilities will determine your career path.

Why should I work for XTRA Lease?

You'll find the traditional benefits such as competitive salary, health benefits and tuition reimbursement.  Our nationwide locations and size offer opportunity for growth and advancement. If you enjoy a fast paced environment and freedom to determine your own directions, XTRA Lease could be a good fit for you. 

What's it really like to work at XTRA Lease?

Every day presents unique challenges and the opportunity to succeed. Employees help shape our dynamic environment. You'll find people with an independent spirit and an entrepreneurial approach.

How does XTRA Lease reward employees?

We offer competitive compensation and benefits. Based upon your performance, you'll receive additional challenges and opportunities to succeed. For example, when we hire college graduates, we expect they will fill a manager's position within three years. Branch and operations management  positions come with bonuses and commissions, in addition to a base salary.


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