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Buying vs. Leasing trailers: Decision-Making Tool

We’ve written quite a few words about buying vs leasing trailers. (Here are links to part 1part 2, and part 3 of our series and to a nifty infographic.)

To wrap up the series, we’ve built an assessment tool for fleet managers that can help you build a framework for talking about how to add trailers to your fleet.

When you evaluate these 15 categories in the context of your customer’s requirements, which drive your fleet requirements, you’ll get a picture of what’s most important to your operation. And that can jump-start your financial analysis.


Just click a few buttons and add up your points to see which way you’re leaning: toward buying or toward leasing.

You can fill out the categories more than once and you can save your choices.

To open the quiz, click on the image below:


We tried to cover as many topics as possible in as short a format as possible to make it as useful to you as possible. Why not try it out?

Here are a few more takes on the question of buying vs leasing trailers: