Trailer Types

Cartage Vans

Cost-effective flexibility for local transportation needs.

Only after a successful career over the road do XTRA Lease dry vans earn the title of XTRA Lease cartage trailers.

Right now we have a large selection of 2004 - 2006 model-year cartage vans available in a variety of sizes and specs to fit your short-haul needs.

XTRA Lease cartage vans are a cost-effective alternative to over-the-road trailer rentals and are:

  • Well-suited for short-distance hauling within a local or regional area.
  • Used by local shipping, drayage and logistics firms to boost fleet efficiencies.
  • Held to the same rigid maintenance standards as our over-the-road dry vans.
  • and much more!

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*Cartage vans are not intended for long haul use.
*No nuisance damage rebill policy does not apply to cartage trailers.

XTRA Lease Cartage Trailers are perfect for local cartage and drayage operations.

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