Customized Reports

Reduce your back-office burden with timely trailer data.

Make the most of your time. Use the robust Report Center in your online account to keep track of all the data associated with the XTRA Lease trailers you have on rent or lease.

The Report Center lets you:

  • customize reports
  • set up favorites
  • schedule reports to run on a regular basis
  • have reports deliver themselves to you via email

Types of Reports:

Rentals and Leases -- Choose a timeframe to see the trailers you currently have on rent or lease or your previous rental and lease activity.

Licensing, Maintenance and Trailer Locations -- Get details, such as VIN, trailer type, registration, license, and most recent location, about each trailer you have on rent or lease. Download and print registration PDFs right from the report. This report also indicates if a trailer is due for scheduled maintenance.

Trailer Types and Specs -- One click builds a report that shows you the type, specs, and trailer-tracking capability of all the trailers you have on rent or lease.

Invoice Summary, Invoice Detail, Current Account Statement -- View as much or as little invoice detail as you need for up to 24 months of invoices. View invoice PDFs or your account statement on demand, or schedule automatic email delivery.

You’re running so lean you don’t have time to worry about where you last saw that wrinkled piece of paper with the data on it. Just use the Report Center​ and get the data you need, when you need it!