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New trailer features boost efficiency!

Air disc brakes and cargo sensors

Good news! Most 2019 model dry vans and reefers come equipped with air disc brakes, and all 2019 model dry vans will have a cargo sensor! 

Air disc brakes
Air disc brakes provide many benefits over traditional drum brakes, including:
  • Shorter stopping distances.
  • Significantly longer brake pad life which extends intervals between brake jobs.
  • Lower risk for out-of-adjustment violations. Did you know that during CVSA's Roadcheck 2018, brakes that were out of adjustment accounted for almost 17% of out-of-service violations?
  • No charge for brake wear on Net/Net maintenance deals.

Cargo Sensor

Meanwhile, your trailer tracking got an upgrade, too. With a cargo sensor on your trailer -- FREE, you'll know when it's loaded or unloaded so you can:
  • Find empty trailers quickly, which keeps your drivers happy.
  • Improve turn time at the dock.
  • Get valuable detention data.

Put our 2019 model trailers to work for you with these great features! Contact your local branch​ manager or request a quote below.