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The Source
Summer 2010
​A Chicago-area carrier grows thanks to lower maintenance costs and improved capital spending flexibility.
​California's newest regulation means you'll need to install aerodynamic devices and make other semi-trailer modifications or you'll pay a penalty.
​Would your operation benefit from successful safety measures XTRA Lease adopted in 2008?  Those steps have resulted in fewer and less severe injuries as well as lower workers' comp claims.
​What it can do might make you a better fleet manager, and that's definitely worth caring about.
Spring 2012
Follow these simple procedures and your tires will last longer and you'll get better fuel mileage.
​The media is filled with mixed economic signals these days, good and bad.  How do you make sense of the data to make decisions and minimize risk?
​Dobbs Trucking was growing faster than it could get trailers.  The owner turned to a solution that not only saved on maintenance, but surprised him with lower fuel costs.
Winter 2011
​CSA aims to reach more carriers earlier and more often.  Do you know how it afects maintenance and other aspects of your operations?
​Cargo thefts increased to record levels in 2010.  Learn about their favorite targets and how you can protect your shipments on van rentals.
​Diesel prices are on the rise.  In response, so is the use of trailer skirts.  See how this advanced equipment drives MPG up and fuel costs down.
Fall 2011
​How do you trim expenses today when the cost of operating a fleet is skyrocketing?  Check out these tips from an industry expert.
​Whether you're seeking your first equipment lease or expanding your leased fleet, your chances will improve if you're mindful of these three important factors.
​A good truck driver is hard to find.  Trouble is, it's only going to get harder.  Learn how to keep the good drivers you have by avoiding the mistakes that will send them running to another company.
Spring 2011
​Fleet managers say they're seeing more failures.  Why?  And what can you do to keep it from happening to you?
​Are you getting the best value out of your trailers?  Research shows more fleet managers are making critical decisions based on timely trailer fleet data.
​When you own trailers, you own many risks.  Does leasing's financial and operational flexibility outweigh ownership benefits?
Fall 2010
​GSC logisitcs learned a lot about maximizing fleet performance by leasing trailers.  Learn how trailer leasing helped spark 1000% growth in just 10 years.
​Poorly spec'd trailers can wreck havoc on a fleet.  If they're not built to last, trailers can break down, leading to increased downtime and possibly even damaged cargo.
​Did you know your cargo is supported by pressurized air, NOT your tires?  These tips for maintaining proper tire inflation will minimize wear and reduces tire-handling costs.
​Want to know if your trailer in Texas has been unloaded yet or why that trailer door is open 500 miles outside of its destination?  Thanks to sensors, you can!