Preventative Maintenance

We'll help keep your fleet in business.

Choose our Preventative Maintenance option on over-the-road trailers and your coverage includes:

  • 30-point trailer inspections, including tires, suspensions and air/electrical
  • Estimated mileage charges
  • Tire and brake wear/replacement, for normal, non-damage wear
  • Repairs, including parts and labor, for normal, non-damage wear
  • Federal, state and provincial DOT inspections
  • Email alerts (XTRA Access users) when DOT inspections are due
  • No rebills for 24 nuisance damage items*

Customer responsibilities:

  • Overall operating condition--maintain proper oil/grease levels in hubs.  Promptly notify XTRA Lease of any potential mechanical failure or problem

  • Tires--repair flats and replace tires damaged by road hazards, cuts and curbing. Maintain air pressure at 100 PSI on radial tires and 85 PSI on bias tires. Return casings to XTRA Lease for evaluation.

  • Brakes--Adjust when needed. Repair air leaks or damage to air lines. Notify XTRA Lease when brakes reach 3/8 inch (XTRA Lease will replace at 2/8th inch).

  • Lights--replace burned out lights, broken light assemblies, damage to wiring or the 7-way connector, lost lenses and reflectors. 

*Applies to over-the-road trailers.

Our preventative maintenance package helps you stay ahead of your trailer maintenance needs.

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