No Nuisance Damage Rebills
Never pay for repairs on nuisance damage items.

We promise never to rebill you on over-the-road trailers for these nuisance damage repair items:

  • Cuts less than 12” in height and 12” in width in the side panel that can be patched
  • Cuts less than 12” in height and 12” in width in the roof that can be patched
  • Plywood damage (unless plywood sheet is completely missing)
  • Replacing bottom rail rivets (unless major structural repair)
  • Removing small decals (less than 12” in height and 12” in width)
  • Holes in floors of trailers more than 10 years old
  • Buffing minor dings out of top or bottom rails
  • Scratches of any length on side panels
  • Deflection in cross-members (less than ½”)
  • Resealing anything
  • Sweeping out trailers
  • Steam cleaning reefers
  • Removing nails from floors
  • Replacing light lenses or bulbs
  • Refastening manifest box cover
  • Repair shop pick-up/delivery
  • Refastening plywood
  • Replacing reflective tape
  • Filling floor gouges
  • Refastening scuff liner
  • Re-bonding roof bows
  • Refastening door seals
  • Adjusting roll doors
  • Replacing door holdbacks

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